Winning Combinations

1º Combination

-Celery + onion+ carrot+ lemon = fewer kilos.

If you liquidize a couple of stalks and leaves in a mixer with the juice of a carrot and a lemon this will cleanse the urine. Also aid weight loss.

2º Combination

-300g de repollo + 100g de apio = adiós dolor de cabeza.

-Celery + onion + red pepper + parsley = better digestion.

A dish with these vegetables increases interstinal juices, aids digestion and the expulsion of wind.

3º Combination

-Orange + celery = excelent for helping to reduce triglycerides and colesterol.

-Orange juice + brewers yeart + celery = detoxes your system.

Celery improves your heart rate, helps prevent fluid retention and calms your nerves.
These are some examples of what celery can do for your health. From now on, make the most of it.

In aincient Egypt and Greece, celery was used to honour victory and to decorate graves. But it was the Romans who started cultivatind it, as they thought that it protected them from bad digestion. And they were right!

Celery is a plant with high mineral concetrations, although its a main application is as a diuretc. Its great richness in essential oils, mainly concentrated in the seeds and roots, is responsible for helping relieve fluid retention, wind and toxins.